Insurance Commissioner Chart (updated 4/15/2024)






Alabama Mark Fowler Commissioner Mark Fowler Alabama Department of Insurance
Alaska Lori Wing
     Alaska Division of Insurance
Arizona  Barbara Richardson Director Barbara Richardson
 Arizona Department of Insurance
Arkansas Allen McClain  Arkansas Department of Insurance
California Ricardo Lara Senator Ricardo Lara 2016.jpg  California Department of Insurance
 Colorado Michael Conway  Michael Conway headshot  Colorado Division of Insurance
 Connecticut Andy Mais
 Connecticut Insurance Department
 Delaware Trinidad Navarro  
 Delaware Department of Insurance
 District of Columbia  Karima Woods  Karima Woods Speaker Agent Dept. of Insurance & Securities Regulation
 Florida  Mike Yaworsky

Florida Department of Financial Services
 Georgia  John King Commissioner John F. King  Georgia Department of Insurance
 Hawaii  Gordon Ito  Hawaii - Gordon Ito  Hawaii Division of Insurance
 Idaho  Dean Cameron Image of Dean Cameron  Idaho Department of Insurance
 Illinois Ann Gillespie (Acting Director)  Illinois Dept. of Insurance
 Indiana Amy Beard  Indiana Dept. of Insurance
 Iowa Doug Ommen Doug Ommen Official Photo
Iowa Insurance Division
 Kansas Vicki Schmidt  Image result for vicki schmidt kansas senator Kansas Insurance Department
 Kentucky Sharon Clark Image of Sharon Clark  Kentucky Dept. of Insurance
 Louisiana  Tim Temple  Louisiana Dept. of Insurance
Robert L. Carey  Maine Bureau of Insurance
 Maryland  Kathleen Birrane  Kathleen Birrane 
 Maryland Insurance Administration
 Massachusetts Gary Anderson    Massachusetts Division of Insurance
 Michigan  Anita Fox Story image for Anita Fox photo from Insurance Journal
Michigan Insurance Division
 Minnesota Grace Arnold Grace Arnold  Minnesota Dept. of Commerce: Insurance
 Mississippi  Mike Chaney  Mississippi Insurance Department
 Missouri Chlora Lindley-Myers  LINDLEY-MYERS_Chlora
 Missouri Dept. of Insurance
 Montana  Troy Downing Troy Downing  Montana Insurance Division
 Nebraska  Eric Dunning Eric Dunning  Nebraska Dept. of Insurance
 Nevada  Scott Kipper Image of Scott Kipper  Nevada Division of Insurance
 New Hampshire  D.J. Bettencourt
dj bettencourt  New Hampshire Insurance Department
 New Jersey  Justin Zimmerman    New Jersey Dept. of Banking and Insurance
 New Mexico Alice Kane  New Mexico Insurance Division
 New York  Adrienne Harris  New York State Insurance Department
 North Carolina  Mike Causey  
 North Carolina Dept. of Insurance
North Dakota Jon Godfried  Jon Godfread
 North Dakota Dept. of Insurance
 Ohio  Judy French Image of Judith French
 Ohio Dept. of Insurance
 Oklahoma  Glen Mulready Image of Glen Mulready  Oklahoma Insurance Department
 Oregon  Andrew Stolfi    Oregon Insurance Division
 Pennsylvania  Michael Humphreys Michael Humphreysformal picture of Commissioner Humphreys with PA and US flags in background  Pennsylvania Insurance Department
 Puerto Rico  Ramón Cruz Colón  Puerto Rico - Ramon Cruz Colon  Puerto Rico Office of  Insurance Commissioner
 Rhode Island Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer    Rhode Island Dept. of Business Regulation
 South Carolina  Michael Wise, Acting Director
 South Carolina Dept. of Insurance
 South Dakota  Larry Deiter    South Dakota Division of Insurance
 Tennessee  Carter Lawrence  An image of Carter Lawrence Tennessee Insurance Dept.
 Texas  Cassie Brown Brown Named Texas Insurance Commissioner
 Texas Dept. of Insurance
 Utah  Jonathan Pike Dixie State University :: Board of Trustees :: Jon Pike  Utah State Insurance Department
 Vermont  Michael Pieciak    Vermont Dept. of Financial Regulation
 Virgina Scott White Image of Scott WhiteImage result for virginia scott white photo  Virginia Bureau of Insurance
 Virgin Islands  Osbert Potter (Lt. Governor)    Virgin Islands Dept. of Insurance
 Washington  Mike Kreidler  Washington - Mike Kreidler  Washington Dept. of Insurance
 West Virginia  Allan McVey
Image of Allan McVey  West Virginia Insurance Commission
 Wisconsin  Nathan Houdek
Image of Nathan Houdek
 Wisconsin Office of the
Insurance Commissioner
 Wyoming  Jeff Rude
 Wyoming Insurance Department