Florida Windshield Bill Banning Assignment of Benefits Moves Closer to Law

We can remain hopeful that the Florida Legislature will soon reign in one of the worst abuses in the private passenger auto insurance market in Florida, which stems from the longstanding law banning restrictions on Assignment Of Benefits (AOB).  Windshield glass claims are frequently brought as lawsuits at a time before insurers are given the […]

Florida Tort Reform 2023

Florida Governor DeSantis signed House Bill 837 into law, referred to by some as the “legal system abuse reform legislation,” bringing about long awaited relief to the insurance industry from predatory litigation that has fueled rising insurance prices.  The new law, made effective immediately: (1) Reduces from four years to two years a statute of […]

The assignment of benefits (AOB) problem: will the Florida Legislature fix it?

The Florida Legislature is planning to take another stab at ending claims abuses blamed for property insurance rate hikes.  Property insurers (homeowners and commercial property insurers alike) are battling the well-financed trial attorneys to bring an end to the manipulative self-serving generation of attorney fees from excessive lawsuits by repair contractors working under an affidavit […]