Insurance Services

The Nash Group, LLC is a 50-state, one stop resource for best practice insurance regulatory compliance and forms management.

The Nash Group Assists Insurance Companies, Brokers and MGAs by:

The Nash Group, LLC

  • Overcoming the regulatory maze and challenges presented by insurance departments across the country.
  • Designing insurance products and enhancements.
  • Creating a ‘best in class’ product by providing competitor analysis.
  • Providing insurance regulatory compliance research for rate manual, form, and policy servicing design.
  • Training underwriters, claims professionals and policy processing departments to introduce your insurance product in unfamiliar states.
  • Training your compliance department and filing department to the next skill level.
  • Supplementing your legal staff.

Comprehensive insurance forms development and insurance regulatory compliance services from The Nash Group includes:

  • Design and drafting of model policy contracts.
  • Drafting state compliant policies, endorsements & other forms.
  • Regulatory negotiation.
  • Management of regulatory relations.
  • Development of compliance maintenance process.
  • Development of policy processing procedures
  • Design insurance products for effective customer communication.
  • Claims forms and procedure development.
  • Training for lawsuit handling and negotiation.
  • Development of product enhancements.

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