Difference between hurricane deductibles and wind deductibles

I have been asked:  “Is there a difference between a hurricane and a wind deductible in a homeowner’s insurance policy?”  The answer is, generally, with most homeowner insurance policies, YES, there is often a difference between wind deductibles and hurricane deductibles.  It depends on how the insurance policy describes the deductible.  The deductible is the […]

Insurance mailing rules for Cancellation & nonrenewal notice

In calculating the number of days for mailing notice of cancellation or nonrenewal, an insurer must add “mailing days” to the minimum number of days required as advance notice before the effective date. The number of days that must be added varies by state, and state specific research is needed to determine the requirements.  The general […]

Ohio Bad Faith Law

The following  summary on Ohio Bad Faith Law from attorney John H. Phillips (primarily a plaintiff’s counsel) of the Phillips Law Firm in Cincinnati, Ohio, was an interesting read in connection with a Continuing Legal Education course offered on OHIO INSURANCE BAD FAITH (this summary is not offered as legal advice and has not been reviewed […]

Big step in getting relief from Flood Insurance rate increases

Legislation to provide consumers relief from the planned National Flood Insurance Program rate increases has been approved by President Barack Obama. The new law will reinstate grandfathered rates, cap premium increases, and reform the FEMA flood mapping process. Nonetheless, I note the Wichita Eagle reports: “Thousands of Indiana homeowners who live in flood-prone neighborhoods are […]

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